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Beer & Cider of The Festival

Thanks to everybody who voted for their favourites at the festival.

As they say on the tellybox, the votes have been counted and verified and the results are:

Beer of the Festival:

Winner: Blackjack Beers / Thornbridge Brewery – Jaffa

Runner up: Marble Beers – Earl Grey IPA

Cider / Perry of the Festival:

Snails Bank – Rhubarb

World Beer of the Festival:

Yeastie Boys – Pot Kettle Black

Congratulations to all the winners.

Champion Speciality Beer

Results of Champion Speciality Beer Of Britain North West Round as judged on Friday 8th July at Chorlton Beer & Cider Festival.

Gold: BlackEdge – Black Port Porter

Silver: Marble – Earl Grey IPA
Bronze: Dunham Massey – Chocolate Cherry Mild

Other finalists:
Hawkshead Great White
RedWillow Smokeless
Hawkshead Lakeland Lager
Ulverston Lonesome Pine
Dent Rambrau

All the finalists are available at the festiva for you to judge for yourself.
You will find them all in the North-West bar in the church hall.

Vegetarian and Vegan Beers 2016

The following beers have been notified by brewers as free from isinglass finings and therefore suitable for vegetarians. This list will be updated if further brewers advise us.

North-West Blackjack Aces High *
North-West Blackjack Honey Porter
North-West Blackjack New Deck *
North-West Blackjack Small Saison *
North-West Blackjack / Thornbridge Jaffa *
North-West Cloudwater Bitter *
North-West Cloudwater Session IPA Mosaic Centennial *
North-West Marble Earl Grey IPA *
North-West Marble Howgate & Kemp *
North-West Marble Manchester Bitter *
North-West Torrside / Yes! Ale Blackstar *
North-West Torrside Lubeliski *
South-East Brodie’s Whitechapel Weizen *
South-East Five Points Railway Porter *
South-East Wild Beer Milllionaire
Key-keg Mike Hess Claritas *
Key-keg Torrside West Of The Sun *

Those marked * are also suitable for vegans.