Here’s the full list of cask & keg British beers for 2018.

All beers will be on sale as soon as they are ready to be sold and for as long as they last. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer.

Breweries beginning A – G will be in the youth centre with all other beers in the church hall.

Click on column headings to sort.

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Style Guide
 GA  Golden Ale
 B  Bitters & Pale Ales
 BB  Best Bitters & Pale Ales (4% – 5%
SB Strong Bitters & Pale Ales (>5%)
IPA India Pale Ale
M Mild
SM Strong Mild
S Stout
P Porter
Sp Speciality (Fruit, herbs, spices)
W Wheat Beer
L Lager
So Sour
Sa Saison