Here’s the full list of cask & keg British beers for 2018.

All beers will be on sale as soon as they are ready to be sold and for as long as they last. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer.

Breweries beginning A – G will be in the youth centre with all other beers in the church hall.

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AbbeydaleBirdhouse Tea Beer4.2SpKegPale ale with slight pink tinge. Fruity & floral, with a hoppy edge. It’s like beer with tea in it!
AbbeydaleDeception4.1PaCaskAromas of elderflower & grapes. Strong citrus flavours, especially grapefruit with ong bitter finish
AbbeydaleSalvation - Espresso Martini Stout7SCaskCoffee from coffee roaster Cafeology, with a nice boozy kick for that martini vibe.
AbbeydaleUnbeliever - Dry Hopped Sour IPA5.2SoCaskHopped with Citra, Centennial & Mosaic, with lots of zest from lemons & limes.
Alphabet Brew Co / Loka PollyPolly Wants A Beer7.1IPAKey-KegA thick, juicy New England IPA dry-hopped massively with Mosaic, Ekuanot & Simcoe
Bank TopPort O'Call5SpCaskPorter. Roast barley flavour with port overtones - definitely not mild!
BeartownCrème Bearlee4.8SCaskStout brewed with madagascan vanilla & a late addition of molasses
Beatnikz RepublicMosaic Extra Pale4.4PaCaskExtra Pale Ale with Mosaic hops
Beatnikz RepublicTropical IPA5.6IPACaskIPA with Motueka, Mosaic & Ekuanot hops
Beer BrothersGold3.8GACaskA bright golden session ale. Brewed with Saaz hops for a crisp, satisfying drink
Beer BrothersHop Chocolate4.3PCaskFull bodied and well balanced; with notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate. Made with real Cocoa
BlackedgeAmerican4.2PaCaskPale & hoppy. West coast american hops give a citrus floral hit of flavour
BlackedgeBlack4SCaskA velvety stout with roasted barley flavours and rich undertones of chocolate coffee and liquorice
BlackedgeGinger4.5SpCaskA deep golden ale brewed using uk admiral hops and fresh ginger to give a spicy orange and ginger flavour
BlackedgeHelles Lager5LKey-KegGerman style helles lager. Crystal clear with a slightly sweet malty finish.
BlackjackDevil's Bedpost5SBCaskExtra hoppy pale ale hopped with, Dr. Rudi, Moteuka, Ella and then even more Ella
BlackjackLa Saison di Napoli4.5SaCaskLemon & basil saison. Collab with Rudy's Pizzeria.
BlackjackLager5.2LCaskA clean lager hopped with Magnum, Saaz and Hersbrucker
BlackjackSingapore Sling4.3SoKegBerlinnerweisse with Pomagranate, Pineapple, Cherry, Lime and Orange
BollingtonChinook & Grapefruit3.6SpCaskFresh grapefruit zest and juice paired with punchy Chinook hops
BollingtonDinner Ale4.3BBCaskDeep copper coloured beer with a fresh slightly fruity nose, a traditional style bitter with a dry hoppy finish
Brass CastleMisfit4.3BBCaskRolling hop-swap pale ale, this time showcasing Ekuanot & Columbus
Brass CastleNorthern Blonde3.9BCaskA blonde ale made with hops from the world's northenmost commercial hop farm
Brass CastleSunshine5.7IPACaskBitterness is balanced by malt sweetness in our IPA and dry-hopping rounds out the aroma
Brew YorkBlack Beret4.5WKey-KegWheat beer infused with blackcurrants & blackberries. Hints of spicy clove & banana, is offset by the tang of the berries
Brew YorkViking DNA5PCaskSmoked porter with strong coffee & chocolate notes encased in smooth smokiness.
Brew YorkX-Panda v114.5IPACaskX-panda is all about the Hops. This time the core malt recipe is hopped with Calypso, Eldorado & Mosaic
BrewsmithFive A Day IPA6IPACaskPale gold IPA with blueberry, tropical fruit and citrus flavours
BrewsmithGold4.2GACaskSpicy green tea & blackcurrant flavours with hint of orange & citrus on nose
BrightsideHappy Days3.8BCaskBrewed with Citra and Columbus, this beer is light, dry and hoppy
BrightsideManchester Skyline4.6GACaskA full bodied Golden Ale with a greater depth of colour and not as dry as most.
BrightsideMaverick IPA4.8IPACaskA light amber IPA based on American hops
BrightsidePale4.5PaKegLight copper coloured with bold, integrated hop flavours & aromatics and a moderately bitter finish
ChapterParabola4.7BBCaskPunchy American Pale, bursting with freshness from the huge Columbus dry hop
ChapterThat Old Rope6.2IPACaskWest Coast IPA with a crisp bitter finish and a C-hop fuelled front
CloudwaterDIPA Citra Cryo Amarillo8.5IPAKey-KegThe latest incarnation in Cloudwater’s highly sought after series of DIPAs hopped with Citra and cryo frozen Amarillo
CloudwaterSmall Citra Mosaic Pale2.9PaKey-KegBrewed to be refreshing and low in strength, yet full bodied and boldly flavoured
Cumbrian Legendary AlesLoweswater Gold4.3GACaskA true golden ale, brewed using three malts including lager. Bursting with tropical flavour, an outstanding beer. Finalist CBOB 2009.
Dunham MasseyChocolate Cherry Mild3.8SpCaskAll the class of Dunham's traditional dark mild, with a dry hint of cherry that cuts through the beer.
Dunham MasseyDuerr’s Blossom Honey Beer4.3SpCaskLight, refreshing and bitter-sweet, made with lashings of Duerr's Blossom Honey.
Dunham MasseySummer Meadow4.3PaCaskA light, hoppy, Summer ale, with a hint of citrus and blackcurrant.
First ChopAPE6.3IPACaskNZ hopped Grapefruit IPA. Nuff said!
First ChopIPA5IPACaskA well balanced east coast IPA bursting with tropical fruit flavours
HawksheadBrodie's Prime4.9PCaskComplex, dark brown beer with malt, fruit and roast to taste. Full-bodied and clean.
HawksheadGreat White4.8WCaskSpiced, cloudy, wheat beer with coriander seeds, dried Seville Orange peel and Motueka hops
HawksheadLakeland Lager5LCaskIt's lager, but its tasty. Pale, with restrained but fresh hop character from European lager hops.
HawksheadNZPA6IPACaskPacked with wild fruit flavours from four New Zealand hops (Green Bullet, Riwaka, Motueka & Nelson Sauvin)
Lymm Brewing CoIPA4.8IPACaskTraditional hoppy pale ale with hints of tropical fruit. Brewed with modern English hops
MallinsonsKomosal4.3PaCaskGolden, with a very zesty hop aroma, a bitter taste with resinous undertones and a strong flavourful finish
MallinsonsThe Spruce Goose6.3IPACaskDeep gold strong ale, brewed using all US hops. Fresh fruity & tropical aroma. Fruity hoppy flavour
MarbleAmerican Amber4.8BBCaskHoppy red ale with malt base, generously hopped with Centennial, Amarillo & El Dorado
MarbleEarl Grey IPA6.8SpCaskA pale but strong beer with a subtle hint of Earl Grey tea in the aftertaste.
MarbleGuillotine7.1IPAKey-KegGolden, very very dry, zingy & vinous. Expect white grape, kiwi & passion fruit from NZ-heavy hop schedule
MarbleTuckerlovsky SIPA4.7IPACaskBright citrus & juicy tropical fruits partner with a subtle malt sweetness
MillstoneTrue Grit5GACaskA very pale and hoppy strong ale. Well hopped using only Chinook hops; the mellow bitters make way for a distinctive citrus/grapefruit aroma
MoorhousesM/28 Tafelbier2.8BCaskInspired by early 20th century, malty Belgian table beers, however brewed with a modern hop-forward twist
NeptuneEquinox IPA5.2IPACaskTraditional IPA, Brewed with Cascade & Ekuanot hops. 70 IBU
NeptunePoseidon4.8SpKey-KegPale Ale brewed with Cascade & Amarillo Hops
Orange peel added for flavour
OakhamCitra4.2GACaskLight and refreshing Citra hopped beer.
Outstanding3.93.9GACaskExtra pale, light, hoppy
OutstandingGrapefruit Session IPA4.2IPACaskPale, hazy, and very grapefruity
OutstandingRed4.4BBCaskCopper coloured, mellow, biscuity
OutstandingStrawberry Witbier4.3SpKegPure strawberry juice blended with Belgian style witbear. Fruit & sweetners balanced by a slightly tart finish
OutstandingWhite5WKegAromas & flavours of clove, coriander & vanilla interwoven with earthy undernotes combine to create a refreshing continental style cloudy wheat beer
PictishSiren4.1WCaskClear wheat beer. Naturally spicy, subtly augmented with coriander seeds & orange peel
PictishStyrian Wolf4.8GACaskSingle hopped golden ale that bares it’s teeth. Full malt flavours lead to a bitter finish & a fruity hop aroma.
Pomona IslandPale (Ekuanot | Citra | Summit)3.8PaCaskAromas of zesty pink grapefruit are at the forefront of this light & easy drinking pale ale
Pomona IslandStout4.5SCaskDry rich stout brewed with 8 malts, giving a heady aroma of burnt toffee & bitter chocolate
PoyntonAurora3.9BCaskPale malt & a dash of wheat with Slovenian hops give a well-rounded refreshing bitter with a dry finish.
PoyntonPembroke Rye4.5BBCaskRye copper coloured best bitter from recipe by Chorlton Homebrewer Alex Pembroke - winner of bitter category at Stockport Beer Festival homebrew competition
ProspectNutty Slack3.9MCaskDark brown mild ale with malt & fruit in the aroma. Chocolate, malt & fruit in palate. Malty & moderately bitter finish
ProspectWhatever Next4GACaskA golden beer with all American hops. Lemon and spicy notes
RedWillowRestless Brett8.5SoCaskA one off cask of RedWillow's award winning imperial Vietnames coffee milk porter with wild brettanomyces
RedWillowSmokeless5.7SpCaskSurprisingly approachable smoked porter, velvet smooth with a robust malt backbone.
RedWillowTearless4.3PaKey-KegPale ale made with concentrated cryo hops to give more aroma & flavour without the grassy bitterness often left from excessive dry hopping
RedWillowWeightless4.2BBCaskPithy grapefruit and mango flavours from Mosaic with a well-rounded body
RedWillowWreckless4.8BBCaskBeautifully balanced pale ale loaded with Citra and Amarillo hops providing massive amounts of tropical fruit and a clean finish.
RivingtonBeach House3.8PaCaskPale, hoppy, unfined beer
RivingtonLemon pale3.6PaCaskMade with lemondrop hops, lemon peel and lemon powder.Very lemony!
RunawayPiPA4.2IPAKegCrisp, refreshing session IPA brewed with combination of new world hops for a fruity aroma & subtle bitterness.
RunawayPiPA Squared8.4IPACaskBig brother to PiPA, this Double IPA packs a big hop punch, with juicy US hops to the fore. Full bodied & deliberately hazy.
RunawayPiPA Squared8.4IPAKey-KegBig brother to PiPA, this Double IPA packs a big hop punch, with juicy US hops to the fore. Full bodied & deliberately hazy.
SalopianDarwin's Origin4.3BBCaskCrisp, tart, fruity & refreshing but also with a juicy malt background. Cascade, Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Saaz hops
SalopianFat Cat4.5GACaskTropical fruit, pine and freshly cut grass that leads into a long purrfect finish.
Salopian / Yeastie BoysInsomnia7.2IPACaskPowerful aroma of floral citrus gives way to a rich soft palate of fruit salad that finishes with a gentle bitterness.
SquawkPavo3.8PaCaskEasty drinking pale dry-hopped with Chinook & Mosaic to give citrus fruit overtones, low IBU and upfront hop aroma
SquawkTyto6.2SCaskMedium bodied stout full of cold pressed Santa Barbara coffee from Ancoats Coffee Co.
Stubborn MuleAbsolute Banker4.7BBCaskSmooth pale ale with a bitter finish and citrus notes
Stubborn MuleDonkey Punch NEIPA5.5IPAKey-KegHighly hopped, highly charged & fruity opaque NEIPA
Stubborn MuleL'il Napoleon3.9PaCaskTropical, citrus orange & pineapple nose with a fruity mid-range bitterness from Mosaic, Cascade & Crystal
Stubborn MuleOriginal Chocolate Stout5.8SCaskChocolate malts, the rawest form of chocolate and the best cacao powder makes this a drinkable stout
Stubborn MulePre-Prohibition Cream Ale5.5SBCaskPilsner/pale ale hybrid which is refreshingly light & crisp beer
Stubborn MuleSingle Hop IPA (Simcoe)5.7IPAKey-KegWith a strength hidden beneath its smooth caramel notes to showcase the Simcoe hops.
Tarn HowsBlueberry & Vanilla Oatmeal Stout5SpCaskFruity oatmeal stout with chocolate flavours and fresh blueberries & vanilla
Thirst ClassAny Porter In A Storm4.8PCaskEnglish Porter - intense malty & treacle aroma, sweet with notes of chocolate, liquorice & toffee
Thirst ClassFarmhouse In Your Soul5.1SaKey-KegTraditional Saision farmhouse-style beer. Fruity with belgian saison yeast character.
ThornbridgeCortado4.9PaCaskFlat white pale ale with Daterra sweet yellow coffee & lactose
ThornbridgeHacksaw5IPACaskHazy East Coast IPA with Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic & Amarillo
Timothy Taylor1858 Brown Ale5.3SBCaskRich English Brown Ale with strong roast malt, creamy coffee, marmalade hop and raisin flavours
TorrsideEuro-Hop: Cardinal4.5BBCaskSeries of blonde ales brewed to showcase European hops with fruity Slovenian hop Cardinal taking centre stage this time
TorrsideLate To The Party5.5BIPACaskLight black IPA, packed full of citrus hops to roasted flavours of dark malts
Torrside / Thirst ClassPortmanteau4.5SaKey-KegExtra pale grisette matching the citrus flavours of Sorachi & Apollo with subtle spice from Belgian yeast
TrackSonoma4PaCaskA fantastic session pale, fairly dry but refreshing and fruity too.
Track / Blackjack / Pomona IslandUnfair Funfair5.5IPAKey-Keg
UlverstonLonesome Pine4.2SpCaskA pale, honey beer with sweet malts followed by tangy citrus fruits. Refreshing all the year round
Wander BeyondCF1604.5BBCaskEnglish pale ale with experimental English hops from Charles Faram
Wander BeyondPeak3.8PaCaskA simple malt structure balances with refreshing notes of mango & blueberries from the citra & mosaic hops
WildsideOaty IPA5IPACaskFuller bodied with smooth mouthfeel. Initial grapefruit hit, moving onto pine, citrus & soft tropical fruit notes.
Wily FoxKarma Citra4.3GACaskGolden ale with a quadruple hit of Citra hops
Wily FoxMolten Gold4.3GACaskA golden, hop-forward Summer Ale. Pungent grapefruit & lychee character, on both aroma and palate


Style Guide
 GA  Golden Ale
 B  Bitters & Pale Ales
 BB  Best Bitters & Pale Ales (4% – 5%
SB Strong Bitters & Pale Ales (>5%)
IPA India Pale Ale
M Mild
SM Strong Mild
S Stout
P Porter
Sp Speciality (Fruit, herbs, spices)
W Wheat Beer
L Lager
So Sour
Sa Saison