Vegetarian Beers

The following beers have been notified by brewers as free from isinglass finings and therefore suitable for vegetarians. The majority are also suitable for vegans. This list will be updated if further brewers advise us.

Alphabet Brew Co
Juice Springsteen
Beer House
Beatnikz RepublicOff The RoadIPA5.5Beer HouseY
Marble / AmundsenALFIPA5.4Beer HouseY
SquawkAixP4.6Beer HouseY
TrackHeliosIPA6.0Beer HouseY
Stubborn MuleAbsolute BankerPa4.7StubbornMuleY
Stubborn MuleDonkey Punch NEIPAIPA5.5StubbornMuleN
Stubborn MuleL'il NapoleonPa3.9StubbornMuleY
Stubborn MuleOriginal Chocolate StoutS5.8StubbornMuleY
Stubborn MulePre-Prohibition Cream AleSB5.5StubbornMuleN
Stubborn MuleSingle Hop IPA (Mosaic)IPA5.7StubbornMuleY
Stubborn MuleThe Mandarin CandidatePa3.4StubbornMuleN
Stubborn MuleWA15 Magnum Red IPAIPA7.2StubbornMuleN
Stubborn Mule / Leigh On SeaBohemian PilsnerL4.8StubbornMuleY
Alphabet Brew CoHoi PolloiL4.8KegY
Beatnikz Republic / AtomBlanc AtomiumIPA6.2KegY
Blackjack / Crafty DevilWhippin PiccadillySB5.8KegN
BrewsmithComet Session IPAIPA4.5KegY
Brightside15 GPLIPA5.0KegY
Burton RoadCitra PalePa4.8KegY
CloudwaterHuman MeaningsIPA8.5KegY
CloudwaterPale AlePa4.0KegY
CloudwaterSmall PalePa2.9KegY
Distant HillsPilsnerL4.5KegY
Distant HillsWest Coast PaleSB6.8KegY
Manchester UnionManchester Union LagerL4.8KegY
OutstandingStrawberry WitbierSp4.3KegY
Pomona IslandGleaming The CubeIPA6.8KegY
Pomona IslandVoodoo. Who do? You doSo4.0KegY
RedWillowPink Peppercorn Saison (Faithless 112)Sa6.2KegY
RunawayKaffir Lime and Thai Chilli WitSp5.0KegY
RunawaySummer SaisonSa4.2KegY
Squawk / Time & TideSulaSo3.8KegY
Thirst ClassFarmhouse In Your SoulSa5.1KegY
TrackThe GameIPA6.5KegY
Wander BeyondAnuraSo7.0KegY
Made Of StoneMetamorphic (Cashmere & Chinook)Pa4.5Church HallY
MarbleUppe Hela NattenP5.1Church HallN
Pomona IslandSession IPA (Amariilo | Ekuanot | Citra)IPA4.5Church HallY
Pomona IslandStoutS4.5Church HallY
PoyntonElder PaleSp4.0Church HallY
PoyntonVulcanBB4.2Church HallY
Serious BrewingMoonlightS4.5Church HallY
Serious BrewingWitW4.0Church HallY
SquawkCrexIPA4.5Church HallY
SquawkPavoPa3.8Church HallY
Thirst ClassJust One More ThingPa4.3Church HallY
Thirst Class / WishboneCherry Cherry Choc ChocSp4.6Church HallY
Top Rope / BlackjackHacksaw MulliganPa4.8Church HallY
Wander BeyondGreat RiftS6.0Church HallN
Beatnikz RepublicBeach BumSB5.0Youth CentreY
Beatnikz RepublicDDH Tropic FiestaIPA4.0Youth CentreY
BlackjackBlack MariaBIPA5.8Youth CentreY
BlackjackMosaic LightPa3.6Youth CentreY
BlackJack / Øl Nano BreweryGemIPA6.7Youth CentreY
BrewsmithBrewsmith IPAIPA6.0Youth CentreY
Cheshire BrewhouseFunny Looking Bunny WabbitBB4.6Youth CentreY
Cheshire BrewhouseIcclePa3.0Youth CentreY
CloudwaterJohn Green’s BouffantPa4.6Youth CentreY
Fool HardyRadiantPa3.9Youth CentreY
Fool HardyRun RiotS4.6Youth CentreY
Green MillDelta StarIPA5.2Youth CentreY
Green MillEllaGA4.0Youth CentreY
HophurstJammy DodgemsSp5.0Youth CentreN

Gluten Free Beers

At Chorlton Beer & Cider Festival, we recognise that unfortunately some people are unable to enjoy our great range of beers due to suffering from gluten intolerance.

Thankfully, an increasing number of brewers are now processing beers to remove gluten so we are pleased to be able to offer a small range of Gluten Free beers. All our range of Ciders & Perries are also Gluten Free

For more information on Coeliac’s disease and living with gluten intolerance, visit

15 GPL
Green MillDelta StarIPA5.2Youth Centre
Green MillEllaGA4.0Youth Centre

Note that all Brightside beers have been brewed to Gluten Free recipes but are not tested and certified to be <20 ppm gluten free except where indicated

Wheat Free Beers

The beers shown below contain gluten from barley and/or oats but are wheat free. This list will be added to when more breweries have confirmed allergen information.

Alphabet Brew Co
Juice Springsteen
Beer House
LervigHouse PartyIPA4.0Beer House
Alphabet Brew CoHoi PolloiL4.8Keg
Blackjack / Crafty DevilWhippin PiccadillySB5.8Keg
Distant HillsPilsnerL4.5Keg
Distant HillsWest Coast PaleSB6.8Keg
Manchester UnionManchester Union LagerL4.8Keg
Lymm Brewing CoBridgewater BlondeGA4.0Church Hall
RedWillowEkuanot Session IPA (Faithless 115)IPA4.3Church Hall
Stockport Brewing CompanyRaspberry PorterSp4.9Church Hall
Thirst ClassJust One More ThingPa4.3Church Hall
Thirst Class / WishboneCherry Cherry Choc ChocSp4.6Church Hall
Top Rope / BlackjackHacksaw MulliganPa4.8Church Hall
Wander BeyondGreat RiftS6.0Church Hall
Beatnikz RepublicBeach BumSB5.0Youth Centre
BlackJack / Øl Nano BreweryGemIPA6.7Youth Centre
Dunham MasseyDunham PorterP5.2Youth Centre
Dunham MasseyLittle BollingtonB3.7Youth Centre
Howard TownWren's NestBB4.2Youth Centre
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SBStrong Bitters & Pale Ales (>5%)
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