Real Cider and Perry is #NotFromConcentrate

Many of the ciders you see in pubs aren’t made from fresh apples, instead being made from apple concentrate or “chaptalised” juices (a process where the alcohol level in a cider or perry is increased by the addition of sugar to an unnatural level for storage, before it is diluted with water to the desired alcohol content for sale). For more information on real Cider and Perry, click here.

All of the ciders and perries at Chorlton Festival have been pressed from fresh apples or pears and #NotFromConcentrate.

There will be over 50 varieties available sourced from some of the finest producers around, including our own local producer Dunham Press.

The ciders and perries ordered for the festival are listed below. Final list available at festival is subject to change but we will endeavour to keep this page updated.

Massive thanks to Nicky from Cat In The Glass who has curated the vast majority of our Cider and Perry list. Nicky is a certified Pommelier so you can be assured that she’s only selected the very best cider and perry producers.

CAscensionSussexHide In The Sky3.8MSRedcurrant sour cider
CAscensionSussexPilot4.8MSFruity session cider
CAscensionSussexPurple Haze4MSBlackcurrant lemonade style cider
CAscensionSussexSonic Titan8.2MDBlending our strong wild fermented cider with a hint of sweet apple juice gave us the cider that was to be known as Sonic Titan. Named not only for its gravity and strength but also after a track by the gods of heavy sleep
CAscensionSussexTranquility of Solitude4MSRed plum cider blend
CAscensionSussexUnless You Think4Tart citrus joins force with the ciders acid, puckering you up for a kiss of sweet red grape, before rounding out to a dry finish
CBarley WoodSomersetDry7DA classic Somerset dry cider made with a large helping of Yarlington Mill and a dash of Foxwhelp, orchard fruits with a dry, tannic finish
CBarley WoodSomersetMayday5MA beautiful, easy drinking medium cider made using a blend of traditional Somerset bittersweet apples, cold racked to retain a natural residual sweetness. Juicy fruitiness and very quaffable. Won Bronze at Bath and West National cider championship
CBarley WoodSomersetSweet4.3SCold racked to retain lots of lovely apple sugars and balanced by the fruity tangy acidity of Foxwhelp. Baked apple, tropical fruit and some soft tannins to bring it all together. Won Silver at Bath and West National cider championship.
PBlue BarrelCambridgeshireColwick Perry6.5MSAward winning, fruity tannic perry with a lasting gentle astringency
CBlue BarrelCambridgeshireSmokin Barrels6.5MDMatured in malt whisky casks to create a charismatic cider with a complex caramel oak finish
CBlue BarrelCambridgeshireTrees Are Good7.2DApple skin & rose water aromatics with a juicy balance of blackcurrant. Lemon drop & honey & a soft tannic finish. Dry, wild ferment, oak conditioned
PBushel and PeckGlouctershireSmooth and Subtle6.4MDDelicate, refined, smooth and subtle. Expect a creeping tartness and the classic perry sweetness
CCockeyed Cider Co. DevonDevon Jasper5MMedium Traditional Cider - Clear
CCotswold Cider Co.OxfordshireHorn Blower4Chai Spiced Revelation
CCotswold Cider Co.OxfordshireMuscle Mary4MRaspberry Blush
CCotswold Cider Co.OxfordshireShe Devil4.3SCloudy Apple Cider
Cotswold Cider Co.OxfordshireVoodoo Pulp4.7DDry Cloudy Apple Cide
PDunham PressDunham MasseyBlakeney Red7TBC
CDunham PressDunham MasseyDabbler6.8MD
CDunham PressDunham MasseyDunham Cat6.5MD
CDunham PressDunham MasseyEarly Bird6.4M
PDunham PressDunham MasseyHoly Trinity6.4TBC
CDunham PressDunham MasseyMichelin7TBC
CDunham PressDunham MasseyRhubarb4TBC
CDunham PressDunham MasseyWhisky Cask Haggis Hound9.2TBC
PFarmer JimDevonFarmyard Perry4.5Light Fruity Perry
PHealeysNorthamptonshireFlattler Pear6Still Cornish Pear Cyder
CHigh PeakDerbyshireOur House Is On Fire6.4DSmoked cider
CHigh PeakDerbyshireRight To Roam6.7DWhisky cask cider
CHigh PeakDerbyshireThere is No Planet B4.7MMedium cider
CHogansWarwickshireFrench Revelation4.8MSA Breton style cider, smooth, velvety and oh so richly flavoursome. After the big tannic punch, it delivers a natural apple sweetness only years of craft could perfect. A wild, fruity and mature cider.
CHogansWarwickshireHazy Rays3.9MA deliciously light, fruity and moreish fresh pressed hazy cider. This best seller carries an abundant appley aroma to the nose. With more than a hint of citrus and berry delicately balanced against the apple sweetness on the palate, Hazy Rays is the perfect refreshing session drink for those lazy summer days.
CHogansWarwickshireLibertine6.2SThis indulgent and sweetly satisfying blend is a radical renegade of a cider. Burnt umber in colour, it’s rich, dark and tannic with a delicious depth of flavour that’s as warm as it is wild.
PHogansWarwickshireLonely Partridge5.8MSA long standing favourite blend, this authentic perry is a fruity drop.
CLukesLondonVintage6.4MDSuper juicy and infinitely drinkable. Aged for extra depth and character, expect moderate sweetness and a decent level of tannins
CNew ForestWalesTraditional Farmhouse7MDTraditional farmhouse cider
CNightingaleKentDiscovery6MThe Discovery apple is the first to mature and be picked in the autumn. With the nose and flavour of this early variety, our Discovery blend is a medium fruity cider with a delicate rose blush. A wild fermented minimal intervention cider, which is matured for a minimum of 6 months before release
CNightingaleKentTenterden5.5MTenterden cider celebrates the connection between our orchards and hometown in the Weald of Kent. A beautifully balanced and bright and floral medium cider which is matured for a minimum of 6 months before release
COliver'sHerefordshireMaking Hay6MThe sweetest of Oliver's is back for the summer
POliver'sHerefordshireTraditional Perry Medium Dry6MDStill, unfiltered, 100% juice perry
COliver'sHerefordshireWassail Blend5.3Wild Farmhouse Cider
COliver'sHerefordshireYarlington Mill6MD90% Yarlington Mill apples and 10% Foxwhelp, matured in speyside whisky oak barrels for 18 months leaving it equally fruity, smokey, spicy and sweet.
COrchard revivalGlouctershireHeritage Cider6.5DA celebration of traditional, dry cider, proper dry, proper tannic and proper tasty
CPiltonSomersetLabyrinth5.9MA full flavoured farmhouse cider. The first of a series, the Minotaur blend is built around smooth Harry Masters Jersey from 2020, which delivers gentle tannins and confident maturity. To this we have layered in a young Nehou from 2021 to bring robust astringency. The blend is completed with just enough natural apple sweetness from our classic orchard blend keeved cider. Unfiltered, undiluted, cloudy, still, no sugar or artificial sweetener.
CPulpSomersetApple Cider4.7MGreat flavour and low abv make this the perfect crowd pleaser, big ripe apple flavour, a good dose of sweetness and a slightly dry, woody finish
CRoss on WyeHerefordshireFour Years Three Apples Oak Cask7.8DA drinkable oak cask cider featuring a complex array of carefully blended individually fermented apples. Oak cask. Somerset Redstreak from 2018, oak cask Major from 2019, neutral container Somerset Redstreak from 2020, and neutral Harry Masters Jersey from 2021. A frankly outrageously sublime cider
CRoss on WyeHerefordshireFoxton Mill Blend V26.5DWe have topped up our original Foxton blend with more bittersweet, resulting in a smoother blend of Foxwhelp (10%), Ashton Bitter (45%) and Yarlington Mill (45%) – hence, ‘Foxton Mill.’ Well balanced with the gentle sharpness of Foxwhelp matched by the bitterness of Ashton Bitter – together they combine effortlessly to create a cider with fullness of flavour without the challenging nature of the varieties alone. Finished with Yarlington Mill from Stockmoor Farm that was fermented in oak casks and we have a cider that has it all!
CRoss on WyeHerefordshireHarry Masters Jersey6.3DHarry Masters Jersey is a powerful and characterful bittersweet variety. The 2021 harvest seemed to be the best Harry Masters we had ever seen and it is really exciting to have a HMJ cider that is tasting so smooth and so full even when it is this young. A toasted almond character runs through the gentle mid palate, followed by some classic Ross-on-Wye loved tannins. A very drinkable cider.
CRoss on WyeHerefordshireSomerset Redstreak & Browns Apple6.7DThe first draught cider to come from 2021! When the cider is this young it is fresh and bursting with life. The flavour is full and juicy and these two varieties are perfect examples of the season: Browns Apple is a generous mild sharp apple that has plenty of strawberry acidity without being too powerful, and Somerset Redstreak is a classic soft bittersweet with only gentle tannins. Together they combine very nicely into a very very tasty cider indeed!
CSeaciderWest SussexPassionfruit Cider4MMade with Pure Passionfruit Juice
CSevernGlouctershireFarmhouse Cider5.8MGreat example of a modern West counties cider, combing rich and robust flavours with drinkability
CTemperance StreetManchesterBramley & Crab 225.9DDonated Bramleys and foraged crab apple aged in barrels blended with fresh Bramleys to give a sour and drying cider evincing Crab apple's qualities
CTemperance StreetManchesterNorthern Core5.8DLocal eating apples and wildings blended with waste cider apples and barrel aged to produce a dry, clean cider
CTemperance StreetManchesterTimperley early4.1MDTimperley early rhubarb grown locally, pressed and blended with donated Bramleys to produce a sharp biting fruit cider
CTurner'sKentApple Pie4MTastes just like apple pie!
CTurner'sKentDry6.5DBright and crisp, enjoyably tart
CTurner'sKentElderflower5.5MElegant, fresh and floral
PTurner'sKentPear5.5MFloral, peachy and elegant
CTurner'sKentRhubarb4SSweet and tart, very refreshing
CTy GwynHerefordshireBrowns Apple SV5MDSingle variety cider made from Browns apples. Light and super refreshing. Full of floral aromas, sweet apple flavours balanced by a little wood and smoke