The dedicated bar for keg & KeyKeg beers will be located in the Church Hall.

The bar will feature 34 different beers over the festival with 15 lines available at any one time. Beers will rotate as lines become free. Please check back on this page to see which are on sale at any one time (at busy times there may be a delay in updating the page).

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Notes (Long)
SOLD OUTAssembly Brew CoReddishFog On The RhineKölsch style lager4.5Lager malt’s, ale yeast, Noble German hops, a Sprinkle of Mandarina Bavaria and cold conditioned for almost 4 weeks
SOLD OUTBeer Ink x VarvarHuddersfieldKavunPickled Watermelon Sour,4.5We had the pleasure to brew with Varvar. Together we brewed a 4.5% Pickled Watermelon Sour, a homage to the traditional Ukrainian snack. Money from this brew will be going to Ukrainian charities. We tasted it this weekend and it's unbelievable!
ON SALEBlackjackCollyhurst, ManchesterHelles Special ReserveHelles Lager5.6100 day lagered Helles Bier. Commercially, a stupid move, but what a delight this beer is. Beyond crispy, notes of bready yeast and supreme refreshment.
SOLD OUTBlackjackCollyhurst, ManchesterWashington RollerWest Coast IPA5.0The Yakima Valley in Washington state is a place held in almost religious esteem by brewers across the world. The fertile conditions are divided into distinct growing areas allowing a concentration of production with a wide range of hop varieties.

ON SALEBlackjack x Wild HorseCollyhurst, ManchesterRaspberry SourRaspberry Sour5.0Kettle sour. 360kg of raspberry on a silky oat base with fresh lime zest and motueka dryhop.
SOLD OUTBollingtonBollingtonModusNEIPA5.4A wheat heavy NEIPA with everyones favourite combination of Citra and Mosaic hop.
ON SALEBrewsmithRamsbottomWest Coast PaleWest Coast Pale4.5Centennial, Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, and Citra hops make this refreshing West Coast Pale
ON SALEBrightsideRadcliffeFreyja PaleDry hopped pale3.8Using Odin as a base, we’ve stepped it up by heavily dry hopping it in the FV with Amarillo and Citra pellets (the same hops we use in the boil) to super enhance what you already love about about the beer. Try them side by side to see the difference made
SOLD OUTBrightsideRadcliffeKeller LagerHelles Lager4.0Helles Lager using the classic European noble hops Hallertauer and Saaz which are synonymous with the traditional European style. The beer is straw coloured with very mild bitterness, has a clean and fresh taste, and shows delicate hop aromas and flavours
COMING SOONBurton RoadCongletonWheat For My SweetWheat Beer3.0Light bodied and a low ABV mean it's perfect for a sunny afternoon. The addition of grapefruit adds a slight sweetness and plenty of taste. Drink cold and preferably in the sunny
ON SALEDistant HillsGlossopHefeweizenWheat beer5.2Fruity and highly carbonated with notes of banana throughout. Hopped with Chinook and Herkules and brewed authentic smoked malt; make for a memorable Hefeweizen.
ON SALEFellFlookburghEleosIPA6.5An insanely juicy & easy drinking IPA, hopped with El Dorado, Vic Secret & Citra. Loaded with notes of ripe stone fruits, massive mouthfeel and a gentle bitter finish.
SOLD OUTFellFlookburghSaison ModesteSaison3.8Floral and citrus notes shine through with a gentle spice on the finish.
ON SALELibatoryAltrinchamStopped Into A ChurchCalifornia Common5.4Our take on a California common, first brewed by European settlers in San Francisco. With no access to cool caves as they had in Europe, the settlers were forced to brew at higher temperatures, and the yeast evolved over time to produce a new style. The b
SOLD OUTManchester UnionManchesterManchester Union LagerCzech style laer4.8Big malty body with rounded mouthfeel finishes with intense dryness from Saaz and Marynka hops. Crisp and refreshing.
COMING SOONMarble x RivingtonSalfordCold IPAIPA6.3This beer seamlessly blends Rivinton's incredible fog beers with Marble's love for IPL's to create a smooth and delicious Cold IPA.
COMING SOONPomona IslandSalfordIf The Devil Is 6West Coast Pale5.5Bitter, resinous and piney with stonefruit notes and a touch of licorice
COMING SOONRedWillowMacclesfieldAgelessIPA7.2American style IPA with a huge hit of tropical fruit aroma and an assertive bitter finish
COMING SOONRedWillowMacclesfieldDamson Foeder SaisonFruit Saison5.8In summer 2021 we filled our Foeder with 500 kilos of fresh damsons, a farmhouse style Saison, and a harvested local wild yeast. After resting for six months, it was blended with fresh Saison to give a delightfully refreshingly tart and vibrant beer.
SOLD OUTRedWillowMacclesfieldWitlessWheat Beer4.2Easy drinking and refreshing wheat beer. Coriander in the boil & orange zest in the fermenter gives a crisp and zesty finish.
COMING SOONRunawayManchesterApricot SourApricot Sour5.3Clean, crisp and tart, a heavily fruited kettle sour with seasonal Apricots and a hint of rosemary for subtle complexity on the finish
COMING SOONRunawayManchesterPale AlePale Ale4.7Crisp, dry, refreshing Pale Ale with a big citrus character
SOLD OUTSquawk x Electric BearAncoats, ManchesterUrsusHoppy Stout6.5Hoppy stout. A complex malt bill & fruity dry hop blends chocolate malts with coconut & lime
SOLD OUTSteelfishReddishBig Hands of JaiWest Coast IPA6.3Based on our 'Hands of Jai' Pale Ale recipe, this West Coast influenced IPA presents a copper coloured with a clean crisp malt body, resinous bitterness with notes of tangerines and grapefruit imparted through generous additions of Azacca and Ekuanot hops
ON SALEStrange TimesSalfordMad King SweeneyIrish Red4.6Irish red ale brewed with rye and oats. Smooth and balanced.
COMING SOONSureshotManchesterSmall Man's WetsuitPale Ale3.9Hopped with Idaho 7, Citra & Galaxy. Gentle tropicality, soft corners, light bitterness, and a stonefruit edge
SOLD OUTSureshotManchesterStep Away From The Cookie JarIPA6.5New England IPA brimming with Citra & Mosaic. Fluffy, crumbly, tropical juicy goodness with an opaque, hazy body packed out with oat and wheat. That’s good innit. Do it again.
COMING SOONThirst ClassStockportPale Ale SabroPale Ale5.5Brewed with award winning homebrewer Gregory McCormick for Stockport Beer & Cider Festival. Expect distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit, and stone fruit aromas, with hints of cedar, mint, and cream
ON SALEThirst ClassStockportStocky Oatmeal StoutOatmeal stout4.7Brewed with nine different malts, smooth with chocolate and coffee notes.
COMING SOONTom's Tap and BrewhouseCreweHonigweizenHoney Wheat Beer5.5Honey Wheat beer made with honey from bees kept by one of the brewery taproom's regular customers.
SOLD OUTTom's Tap and BrewhouseCreweMango Ice Cream PaleMango Ice Cream Pale4.4Vegan Ice Cream Pale made with Mango Tea, Vanilla, Mango Pulp and Maltodextrin (instead of Lactose)
ON SALETorrsideNew MillsBugbearAmerical Brown4.5American brown, mixing roasty, almost chocolatey, flavours from British brown malt with a feisty blend of US, Australian and European hops
ON SALETrackAncoats, ManchesterFrom AboveHazy Pale Ale4.1What is this we have here. A beautiful Pale Ale, dazzling like the sun off a shimmering lake? Bright zest filling your nostrils with lemon & white grape? We agree. But look deeper… what’s missing… can you see what it doesn’t contain… GLUTEN. That’s right
ON SALEWander BeyondManchesterDragon DanceImperial guava Milkshake IPA12.0We've taken the base beer of the popular Octopod and refermented it on half a tonne of guava. With a hyper-viscous mouthfeel and tropical fruit notes derived from the fruit and Chinook dry hop additions,