Here’s the full list of cask & keg British beers for 2022. The vast majority of beers have been sourced from within 15 miles of the festival.

All cask beers will be on sale as soon as they are ready to be sold and for as long as they last. Keg & KeyKeg beers will rotate through the 15 taps on the bar over the festival. Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer.

Cask beers from breweries beginning A – M will be in the Church Hall with breweries from O – Z in the Youth Centre. The keg beer bar is in the Church Hall.

To see which beers are vegetarian, vegan, wheat free or gluten free, click here.

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Notes (Long)
Bar name
Assembly Brew CoReddishFog On The RhineKölsch style lager4.5Lager malt’s, ale yeast, Noble German hops, a Sprinkle of Mandarina Bavaria and cold conditioned for almost 4 weeksKeg
Beer Ink x VarvarHuddersfieldKavunPickled Watermelon Sour,4.5We had the pleasure to brew with Varvar. Together we brewed a 4.5% Pickled Watermelon Sour, a homage to the traditional Ukrainian snack. Money from this brew will be going to Ukrainian charities. We tasted it this weekend and it's unbelievable!Keg
BlackjackCollyhurst, ManchesterHelles Special ReserveHelles Lager5.6100 day lagered Helles Bier. Commercially, a stupid move, but what a delight this beer is. Beyond crispy, notes of bready yeast and supreme refreshment.Keg
BlackjackCollyhurst, ManchesterWashington RollerWest Coast IPA5.0The Yakima Valley in Washington state is a place held in almost religious esteem by brewers across the world. The fertile conditions are divided into distinct growing areas allowing a concentration of production with a wide range of hop varieties.

BlackjackCollyhurst, ManchesterIrk Street PalePale Ale4.0Amarillo & Citra do the talking here. A stripped back pale malt base gives the stage to two of our favourite hops.Church Hall
BlackjackCollyhurst, ManchesterManchester StoutStout4.88 malts, Admiral, Goldings & Phoenix. Bitter, chocolate yet smooth.Church Hall
BlackjackCollyhurst, ManchesterPub Ale BestBest Bitter4.2Light mahogany marvel of flavour. Bitter and lasting bite, refreshing in its simplicty. Bramling CrossChurch Hall
BlackjackCollyhurst, ManchesterSession IPASession IPA4.5The second version of a hop changing Session IPA we'll be doing as a new series of beers. This one is hopped with Simcoe, Galaxy, Summit and Topaz. And for it's strength is easily the most amount of hops we've put in a beer.Church Hall
BlackjackCollyhurst, ManchesterSummers' PorterHoppy Porter5.0US Amarillo pellets impart an orange nose and zest to a light classic porter body.Church Hall
BlackjackCollyhurst, ManchesterWest Coast PaleWest Coast Pale5.8Big flavours of bitterness, pine and fresh American Hop. Cascade, Chinook, Centennial.Church Hall
Blackjack x Wild HorseCollyhurst, ManchesterRaspberry SourRaspberry Sour5.0Kettle sour. 360kg of raspberry on a silky oat base with fresh lime zest and motueka dryhop.Keg
BollingtonBollingtonModusNEIPA5.4A wheat heavy NEIPA with everyones favourite combination of Citra and Mosaic hop.Keg
BollingtonBollingtonGinger BrewGinger pale3.6A classic ginger bitter, pale hoppy bitter flavour, a smooth taste with fresh root ginger added at the end.Church Hall
BollingtonBollingtonLong HopLager style bitter3.9Pale lager style bitter with fruity refreshing hops, former summer special brewed for cricket lovers now a permanent beer.Church Hall
BollingtonBollingtonOat Mill StoutOatmeal Stout5.0Award winning Oatmeal Stout with a twist. A hoppy bitter taste keeps the sweetness in check and allows for a great dark beer.Church Hall
BrewsmithRamsbottomWest Coast PaleWest Coast Pale4.5Centennial, Columbus, Chinook, Cascade, and Citra hops make this refreshing West Coast PaleKeg
BrewsmithRamsbottomDDH PaleDDH Pale4.8Soft and fruity pale ale with massive blueberry, peach and tropical fruit aromasChurch Hall
BrewsmithRamsbottomNZ IPAIPA6.2Packed with floral, lemon, lime, aromas, with subtle grass and pine notes.Church Hall
BrightsideRadcliffeFreyja PaleDry hopped pale3.8Using Odin as a base, we’ve stepped it up by heavily dry hopping it in the FV with Amarillo and Citra pellets (the same hops we use in the boil) to super enhance what you already love about about the beer. Try them side by side to see the difference made Keg
BrightsideRadcliffeKeller LagerHelles Lager4.0Helles Lager using the classic European noble hops Hallertauer and Saaz which are synonymous with the traditional European style. The beer is straw coloured with very mild bitterness, has a clean and fresh taste, and shows delicate hop aromas and flavoursKeg
BrightsideRadcliffeApex IPAIPA5.0Ounchy vivid grapefruit peel flavours and fresh citrus aromatics. The hops in this recipe are added late in the boil to preserve Citra's bold character but also to ensure that the finished pint is a balanced easy drinking pale ale.Church Hall
BrightsideRadcliffeDisco ShiftGolden Ale3.8Sessionable blonde both light in colour and ABV. Refreshingly fruity wih a light bitterness to the finish.Church Hall
BrightsideRadcliffeMaverick IPAIPA4.8A light amber IPA based on American hops. The bitterness out-weighs the malt as you would expect with an American style IPA, but is not bitter for bitters sakeChurch Hall
BrightsideRadcliffeOdinPale blonde ale3.8A very pale blonde ale with a fair whack of wheat. European Noble hops form the basis with three fruity American varieties added late. The late hops to come through clearly in the taste and aroma. A slight wheat haze takes the edge off the usual clarity.Church Hall
BrightsideRadcliffeShore ThingEnglish IPA4.2We designed this beer in the middle of Winter when we were dreaming of Summer and sunshine, beaches and holidays! We wanted a beer that was perfect for day drinking and this was the result. It's a sessionable IPA, judiciously dry hopped with Cryo Ekuanot Church Hall
BrightsideRadcliffeThe MancunianBlonde ale4.5The Mancunian is a blonde-IPA hybrid, drawing on the best of both styles to create a real crowd-pleasing beer.
Amber and Crystal malts included in the purposefully delicately flavoured malt bill give a blonde with more depth, onto which we layer full fla
Church Hall
Burton RoadCongletonWheat For My SweetWheat Beer3.0Light bodied and a low ABV mean it's perfect for a sunny afternoon. The addition of grapefruit adds a slight sweetness and plenty of taste. Drink cold and preferably in the sunnyKeg
Distant HillsGlossopHefeweizenWheat beer5.2Fruity and highly carbonated with notes of banana throughout. Hopped with Chinook and Herkules and brewed authentic smoked malt; make for a memorable Hefeweizen.Keg
Distant HillsGlossopBukharaIPA5.8Crisp, refreshing India Pale Ale inspired by the Uzbekistan region where Juniper berry grows, that features in the beer.

Bukhara takes your breath away with notes of strawberry and blackcurrant from Mandarina Bavaria hops, alongside the fresh Juniper b
Church Hall
Distant HillsGlossopHoodwinkedGolden Ale4.0Golden session ale brewed with Pilgrim and Bobek. The Crystal and Best Ale Pale malt creates a silky smooth finishChurch Hall
Dunham MasseyDunham MasseyDeer BeerEnglish ale4.5Deer Beer is a clean, full bodied, malty English ale, with a hint of toffee, and a distinct hop finish.Church Hall
Dunham MasseyDunham MasseyDuerr’s Blossom Honey BeerHoney Beer4.3Light, refreshing and bitter-sweet, made with lashings of Duerr's Blossom Honey.Church Hall
Dunham MasseyDunham MasseyDunham PorterEnglish Porter5.2A classic old style English porter. Dark, creamy, full bodied and packed with flavour.Church Hall
Dunham MasseyDunham MasseySummer MeadowGolden Ale4.3A light, hoppy, Summer ale, with a hint of citrus and blackcurrant.Church Hall
EscapeWesthoughtonIf The Caravan's A Rockin'Session Blonde3.8Session blonde perfect for a summer’s afternoonChurch Hall
EscapeWesthoughtonTicket To RidePale Ale4.3Mosaic Citra PaleChurch Hall
FellFlookburghEleosIPA6.5An insanely juicy & easy drinking IPA, hopped with El Dorado, Vic Secret & Citra. Loaded with notes of ripe stone fruits, massive mouthfeel and a gentle bitter finish.Keg
FellFlookburghSaison ModesteSaison3.8Floral and citrus notes shine through with a gentle spice on the finish.Keg
FellFlookburghDark MildDark Mild3.7Rich & malt forward with notes of chocolate and coffee, paired with a luxurious velvety mouthfeel.Church Hall
FellFlookburghGhyllGolden Ale3.7Ghyll is a polite reminder to the good people of Cumbria that there is more to life than craft beer and that we happen to inhabit one of the most beautiful places on Earth. With that in mind, get out there and live life to the full and enjoy Fell beer as Church Hall
FellFlookburghHerding CatsNew England Pale4.0Unfined New England Pale. Packed with the juiciest hops available (including, SImcoe, Strata and Cryo Chinook).Church Hall
FellFlookburghSemi Organised ChaosDDH Pale4.0So during a wild week out at the brewery, we thought we
would relieve things a little by brewing a Simcoe heavy DDH Pale, because, there is literally nothing that could go wrong when this much Simcoe is in the equation!
Church Hall
FellFlookburghTinderbox IPAWest Coast IPA6.3Lighting fires is a serious business. A tinderbox brings an old-school, considered approach to proceedings. Great care and much planning have gone into the development of this recipe and the flavour journey that it delivers. We hope that this IPA will ligChurch Hall
First ChopSalfordIPAEast Coast IPA5.0A well balanced east coast IPA bursting with tropical fruit flavoursChurch Hall
First ChopSalfordPowHazy Session IPA4.2Full bodied Hazy session IPA with peach and stone fruit notesChurch Hall
HophurstHindleyArlo IPAIPA5.5A complex IPA, combining American hops; Citra Cryo, Chinook, Mosaic Cryo & Simcoe Cryo, giving the beer a big burst of Mango, Grapefruit and Tropical fruit flavours.Church Hall
HophurstHindleyCitra & Mosaic Milkshake IPAMilkshake IPA4.5A Citra & Mosaic hopped Milkshake IPA full of citrus, tropical fruit & stone fruit flavours.Church Hall
HophurstHindleyCosmatiGolden ale4.2A hoppy citrus golden ale. The use of Mosaic American hops give the unique flavours of blueberry, citrus and tropical fruit.Church Hall
LibatoryAltrinchamStopped Into A ChurchCalifornia Common5.4Our take on a California common, first brewed by European settlers in San Francisco. With no access to cool caves as they had in Europe, the settlers were forced to brew at higher temperatures, and the yeast evolved over time to produce a new style. The bKeg
LibatoryAltrinchamPrimary Proposal Extra Special BitterBest Bitter5.0It is a traditional Extra Special Bitter brewed with Maris Otter and Crystal Malts, and hopped with East Kent Goldings and Challenger. It is fermented with London Yeast that allows the character of the malts and caramel notes to shine through.Church Hall
Manchester UnionManchesterManchester Union LagerCzech style laer4.8Big malty body with rounded mouthfeel finishes with intense dryness from Saaz and Marynka hops. Crisp and refreshing.Keg
MarbleSalfordGinger (25th Birthday Edition)Ginger Beer6.23rd Beer of Marbe's 25th Birthday releases. Intense aromas and flavours of ginger balanced with some heat and spiceChurch Hall
MarbleSalfordLagondaIPA5.0Classic india pale ale, immense citrus and floral hop notes balanced against a dry bitter finish.Church Hall
MarbleSalfordPintGolden Ale3.9Pale straw-gold colour with a sharp, hoppy aroma, and a strong hoppiness carrying through in the flavour, plus a fresh, citrus-tang.Church Hall
Marble x RivingtonSalfordCold IPAIPA6.3This beer seamlessly blends Rivinton's incredible fog beers with Marble's love for IPL's to create a smooth and delicious Cold IPA.Keg
Ossett x VarvarOssettSkarbUkranian Golden Ale6.0The beer is a golden and full-bodied malty ale, with low bitterness and aromas of strawberry, bubble-gum, and tropical fruits. Coriander is added at the end of the boil to provide a distinctly spicy flavour, while the beer is delicately hopped with the neYouth Centre
PhoenixHeywoodSpotland GoldGolden Ale4.1Crisp hoppy pale aleYouth Centre
PhoenixHeywoodWest Coast IPAWest Coast IPA4.6Powerful India Pale Ale. Full of hops.Youth Centre
PictishRochdaleAlchemist AlePale Bitter4.3A refreshing, straw coloured ale with crisp malt flavours and a robust hoppy finish.Youth Centre
PictishRochdaleEquinoxPale Ale4.2A pronounced aroma profile with citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal characteristics. Specific descriptors include lemon, lime, papaya, apple, and green pepper hopunion.comYouth Centre
PictishRochdaleTettnangPale Ale3.9Pale, very hoppy beer brewed using Tettnang hops. Mild but distinct floral & spicy characterYouth Centre
Pomona IslandSalfordIf The Devil Is 6West Coast Pale5.5Bitter, resinous and piney with stonefruit notes and a touch of licoriceKeg
Pomona IslandSalfordProject GrahamPale ale3.3Small pale with a big punch of grapefruit and peach with a hint of spiceYouth Centre
Problem ChildWiganBilly No MatesSummer Ale4.1Pale straw coloured summer ale. With the refreshing flavours of grapefruit & limeYouth Centre
Problem ChildWiganIsolationBest Bitter4.7Golden , full bodied and satisfying ale with great aroma and flavours of apricot & stone fruits.Youth Centre
RedWillowMacclesfieldAgelessIPA7.2American style IPA with a huge hit of tropical fruit aroma and an assertive bitter finishKeg
RedWillowMacclesfieldDamson Foeder SaisonFruit Saison5.8In summer 2021 we filled our Foeder with 500 kilos of fresh damsons, a farmhouse style Saison, and a harvested local wild yeast. After resting for six months, it was blended with fresh Saison to give a delightfully refreshingly tart and vibrant beer.Keg
RedWillowMacclesfieldWitlessWheat Beer4.2Easy drinking and refreshing wheat beer. Coriander in the boil & orange zest in the fermenter gives a crisp and zesty finish.Keg
RedWillowMacclesfieldBreakfast StoutCoffee stout5.6This dangerously drinkable Vietnamese coffee stout starts with an assertive roasty bitterness from the dark malts which quickly gives way to a smooth rich dark chocolate and hazelnut finish.Youth Centre
RedWillowMacclesfieldCitraPale Ale4.0Hopped with lashings of - you guessed it - Citra, gives you notes of grapefruit, lime, and tropical fruits, smooth and creamy, extremely deliciousYouth Centre
RedWillowMacclesfieldDouble Heritage PorterPorter8.8Brewed with Amber, Black, Chocolate and Crystal Malt then heavily dry hopped with AmarilloYouth Centre
RedWillowMacclesfieldGalaxy Idaho 7Pale ale5.4Soft and juicy pale at 5.4% hopped with some of the best hops around a the moment, Galaxy and Idaho 7. Think gentle stone fruit with citrus and passion fruit - a full on fruit bowl of a beer! Available this week in cask and keg.Youth Centre
RedWillowMacclesfieldGolden MildGolden Mild3.8Easy drinking Golden Mild malt base is packed with Heritage Malts and lightly dry hopped with Amarillo producing an easy drinking quaffable aleYouth Centre
RedWillowMacclesfieldWeightlessSession IPA4.2Pithy grapefruit and mango flavours from Mosaic with a well-rounded bodyYouth Centre
RunawayManchesterApricot SourApricot Sour5.3Clean, crisp and tart, a heavily fruited kettle sour with seasonal Apricots and a hint of rosemary for subtle complexity on the finishKeg
RunawayManchesterPale AlePale Ale4.7Crisp, dry, refreshing Pale Ale with a big citrus characterKeg
Runaway x BeermothManchesterStones ThrowModern Pale Ale4.2Cask collaboration between Manchester's Runaway Brewery and Café Beermoth. Easy drinking modern pale ale.Youth Centre
Serious BrewingRochdaleGoldrushBelgian pale5.6Refreshing golden pale ale brewed with Belgian abbey yeast & delicately flavoured with British hopsYouth Centre
Serious BrewingRochdaleMajestic Best BitterBest Bitter4.3A rich, full bodied chestnut coloured Best Bitter hopped with a carefully chosen selection of 3 complimentary hops: Bullion, Nugget and Harlequin.Youth Centre
SquawkAncoats, ManchesterMallardHoppy Pale4.5A quaffable hoppy pale with a refreshing dry finish. Gluten free.Youth Centre
SquawkAncoats, ManchesterMilvusIPA6.3Passion fruit, pine and berry aroma, lightly bitter with citrus fruit on the palate.Youth Centre
SquawkAncoats, ManchesterRollerBest Bitter4.0Tan with a pale head, refreshing and moderate Galena seeded fruit bitterness. Extremely sessionable and a Squawk take on an enduring British classicYouth Centre
Squawk x Electric BearAncoats, ManchesterUrsusHoppy Stout6.5Hoppy stout. A complex malt bill & fruity dry hop blends chocolate malts with coconut & limeKeg
SteelfishReddishBig Hands of JaiWest Coast IPA6.3Based on our 'Hands of Jai' Pale Ale recipe, this West Coast influenced IPA presents a copper coloured with a clean crisp malt body, resinous bitterness with notes of tangerines and grapefruit imparted through generous additions of Azacca and Ekuanot hopsKeg
SteelfishReddishCrystallising AgendasHazy Pale Ale3.9A sessionable soft bodied hazy pale ale using our core based recipe with oats and wheat in the grist. We've hopped this one with Azacca in the whirlpool, then Citra and Simcoe Cryo dry hop. Expect stone fruit, mango and citrus backed up with orange pith aYouth Centre
SteelfishReddishSmall AchievementsPale Ale4.1A return of our first commercial recipe and the beer that started the Steelfish journey. A session strength Pale Ale clean and crisp with light malt character, balanced resinous bitterness and citrus notes imparted by generous additions of Citra, CentenniYouth Centre
SteelfishReddishYouth On A T-ShirtPale Bitter4Single hop bitter featuring Plumage Archer heritage malt alongside Maris Otter. This light, easy drinking pale bitter showcases Mandarina Bavaria hops.Youth Centre
Strange TimesSalfordMad King SweeneyIrish Red4.6Irish red ale brewed with rye and oats. Smooth and balanced.Keg
Strange TimesSalfordMemento MoriIPA5.5Strong, hoppy, bitter, and not to be taken lightly.Youth Centre
Strange TimesSalfordPooka CitrisCitrus pale2.8Light and Summery, infused with orange and lemon peel with Amarillo and Mosaic hops.Youth Centre
SureshotManchesterSmall Man's WetsuitPale Ale3.9Hopped with Idaho 7, Citra & Galaxy. Gentle tropicality, soft corners, light bitterness, and a stonefruit edgeKeg
SureshotManchesterStep Away From The Cookie JarIPA6.5New England IPA brimming with Citra & Mosaic. Fluffy, crumbly, tropical juicy goodness with an opaque, hazy body packed out with oat and wheat. That’s good innit. Do it again.Keg
Thirst ClassStockportPale Ale SabroPale Ale5.5Brewed with award winning homebrewer Gregory McCormick for Stockport Beer & Cider Festival. Expect distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit, and stone fruit aromas, with hints of cedar, mint, and creamKeg
Thirst ClassStockportStocky Oatmeal StoutOatmeal stout4.7Brewed with nine different malts, smooth with chocolate and coffee notes.Keg
Thirst ClassStockportBitter Me UpSession Bitter3.8Sessionable bitter with decent hoppiness and a properly nice bitter finish.Youth Centre
Thirst ClassStockportFarmhouse In Your SoulSaison5.1Traditional Saision farmhouse-style beer. Fruity with belgian saison yeast character.Youth Centre
Thirst ClassStockportHoppy Go LuckyPale ale4.1Hoppy session Pale Ale brewed with US hops Amarillo, Citra, Centennial and Cascade. Fruity citrus with a subtle malt backbone.Youth Centre
Thirst ClassStockportI’m Not Looking For A New EnglandWest Coast IPA5.3West Coast IPA demonstrating bold hop aroma, high bitterness and piney dank citrus flavours.Youth Centre
Thirst ClassStockportMildly AmusingDark Mild3.8A dark mild auburn in colour with nutty malt flavours up front.Youth Centre
Thirst Class x TorrsideStockportDwayne DubbelyBelgian Dubbel6.3A Belgian Dubbel style beer brewed with British hops Bramling Cross for some blackcurrant notes to compliment the malts and Belgian yeast flavours.Youth Centre
Tom's Tap and BrewhouseCreweHonigweizenHoney Wheat Beer5.5Honey Wheat beer made with honey from bees kept by one of the brewery taproom's regular customers.Keg
Tom's Tap and BrewhouseCreweMango Ice Cream PaleMango Ice Cream Pale4.4Vegan Ice Cream Pale made with Mango Tea, Vanilla, Mango Pulp and Maltodextrin (instead of Lactose)Keg
Tom's Tap and BrewhouseCreweChocolate Orange PorterChocolate Orange Porter5.5Smooth but robust porter with the addition of orange peel and cacao nibsYouth Centre
Tom's Tap and BrewhouseCreweDDH Tropical PaleDDH Pale5.0Double Dry Hopped Tropical Pale – New England StyleYouth Centre
TorrsideNew MillsBugbearAmerical Brown4.5American brown, mixing roasty, almost chocolatey, flavours from British brown malt with a feisty blend of US, Australian and European hopsKeg
TorrsideNew MillsOut Of StockRuby Mild3.0Smokey ruby mildYouth Centre
TorrsideNew MillsShrub-A-Dub-DubOrange and Szechuan Pepper Pale4.4Rare cask of this orange and Szechuan pepper pale ale which is usually the keg only house beer at New Mills' The Shrub ClubYouth Centre
Torrside x Thirst ClassNew MillsSmoke Me A BIPABlack IPA6.0Combination of two of Torrside's favourite things - smoked malt and black IPA! The smoked malt flavours blend deliciously with the dark malt resulting in a dark, hoppy treat.Youth Centre
TrackAncoats, ManchesterFrom AboveHazy Pale Ale4.1What is this we have here. A beautiful Pale Ale, dazzling like the sun off a shimmering lake? Bright zest filling your nostrils with lemon & white grape? We agree. But look deeper… what’s missing… can you see what it doesn’t contain… GLUTEN. That’s right Keg
TrackAncoats, ManchesterSonomaSession pale3.8A fantastic session pale, fairly dry but refreshing and fruity too.Youth Centre
Wander BeyondManchesterDragon DanceImperial guava Milkshake IPA12.0We've taken the base beer of the popular Octopod and refermented it on half a tonne of guava. With a hyper-viscous mouthfeel and tropical fruit notes derived from the fruit and Chinook dry hop additions,Keg
Wander BeyondManchesterSaunterBest Bitter4.1We've spent many evenings here at Team Wander Beyond sitting in some of our favourite pubs enjoying pints of bitter. Here is our tribute to that style, coming in at 4.1% this beer is meant to be an accompaniment to good conversation and good company. FullYouth Centre
Wander BeyondManchesterWolfsbaneStout4.8Wolfsbane is our session strength stout. Brewed with all the flavour you'd expect from a Wander Beyond stout without the high ABV. Using nine different malts including a variety of chocolates and roasted malts, rye and oats for viscosity, Wolfsbane is fulYouth Centre
Wigan BrewhouseWiganBlue Sky TeaLoose leaf pale ale4.2Pale ale infused with J. Atkinson's award winning Blue Sky Blend TeaYouth Centre
Wigan BrewhouseWiganOld BostonPlum Porter4.4A dark and rich porter which bursts with roasted malt flavours; handsomely black, with a creamy white head and smoky aromas with an intense blend of bitter roasted malts. It has a creamy texture throughout which the sweet plum taste penetrates and is alsoYouth Centre