Vegetarian Beers

The following beers have been notified by brewers as free from isinglass finings and therefore suitable for vegetarians. The majority are also suitable for vegans. This list will be updated if further brewers advise us.

Bar name
Assembly Brew CoFog On The RhineKölsch style lager4.5KegY
Beer Ink x VarvarKavunPickled Watermelon Sour,4.5KegY
BlackjackHelles Special ReserveHelles Lager5.6KegY
BlackjackIrk Street PalePale Ale4.0Church HallY
BlackjackManchester StoutStout4.8Church HallY
BlackjackPub Ale BestBest Bitter4.2Church HallY
BlackjackSession IPASession IPA4.5Church HallY
BlackjackSummers' PorterHoppy Porter5.0Church HallY
BlackjackWashington RollerWest Coast IPA5.0KegY
BlackjackWest Coast PaleWest Coast Pale5.8Church HallY
Blackjack x Wild HorseRaspberry SourRaspberry Sour5.0KegY
BollingtonOat Mill StoutOatmeal Stout5.0Church HallY
BrewsmithDDH PaleDDH Pale4.8Church HallY
BrewsmithNZ IPAIPA6.2Church HallY
BrewsmithWest Coast PaleWest Coast Pale4.5KegY
BrightsideFreyja PaleDry hopped pale3.8KegY
BrightsideKeller LagerHelles Lager4.0KegY
Burton RoadWheat For My SweetWheat Beer3.0KegY
Distant HillsBukharaIPA5.8Church HallN
Distant HillsHefeweizenWheat beer5.2KegY
Distant HillsHoodwinkedGolden Ale4.0Church HallN
EscapeIf The Caravan's A Rockin'Session Blonde3.8Church HallY
EscapeTicket To RidePale Ale4.3Church HallY
FellDark MildDark Mild3.7Church HallN
FellGhyllGolden Ale3.7Church HallN
FellHerding CatsNew England Pale4.0Church HallY
FellSaison ModesteSaison3.8KegY
FellSemi Organised ChaosDDH Pale4.0Church HallY
FellTinderbox IPAWest Coast IPA6.3Church HallN
First ChopIPAEast Coast IPA5.0Church HallY
First ChopPowHazy Session IPA4.2Church HallY
HophurstArlo IPAIPA5.5Church HallY
HophurstCitra & Mosaic Milkshake IPAMilkshake IPA4.5Church HallN
HophurstCosmatiGolden ale4.2Church HallY
LibatoryPrimary Proposal Extra Special BitterBest Bitter5.0Church HallY
LibatoryStopped Into A ChurchCalifornia Common5.4KegY
Manchester UnionManchester Union LagerCzech style laer4.8KegY
MarbleGinger (25th Birthday Edition)Ginger Beer6.2Church HallY
MarbleLagondaIPA5.0Church HallY
MarblePintGolden Ale3.9Church HallY
Marble x RivingtonCold IPAIPA6.3KegY
Pomona IslandIf The Devil Is 6West Coast Pale5.5KegY
Pomona IslandProject GrahamPale ale3.3Youth CentreY
RedWillowDamson Foeder SaisonFruit Saison5.8KegY
RedWillowWitlessWheat Beer4.2KegY
RunawayApricot SourApricot Sour5.3KegY
RunawayPale AlePale Ale4.7KegY
Runaway x BeermothStones ThrowModern Pale Ale4.2Youth CentreY
SquawkMallardHoppy Pale4.5Youth CentreY
SquawkMilvusIPA6.3Youth CentreY
SquawkRollerBest Bitter4.0Youth CentreY
Squawk x Electric BearUrsusHoppy Stout6.5KegY
SteelfishBig Hands of JaiWest Coast IPA6.3KegY
SteelfishCrystallising AgendasHazy Pale Ale3.9Youth CentreY
SteelfishSmall AchievementsPale Ale4.1Youth CentreY
SteelfishYouth On A T-ShirtPale Bitter4Youth CentreY
Strange TimesMad King SweeneyIrish Red4.6KegY
Strange TimesMemento MoriIPA5.5Youth CentreY
Strange TimesPooka CitrisCitrus pale2.8Youth CentreY
SureshotSmall Man's WetsuitPale Ale3.9KegY
SureshotStep Away From The Cookie JarIPA6.5KegY
Thirst ClassBitter Me UpSession Bitter3.8Youth CentreY
Thirst ClassFarmhouse In Your SoulSaison5.1Youth CentreY
Thirst ClassHoppy Go LuckyPale ale4.1Youth CentreY
Thirst ClassI’m Not Looking For A New EnglandWest Coast IPA5.3Youth CentreY
Thirst ClassMildly AmusingDark Mild3.8Youth CentreY
Thirst ClassPale Ale SabroPale Ale5.5KegY
Thirst ClassStocky Oatmeal StoutOatmeal stout4.7KegY
Thirst Class x TorrsideDwayne DubbelyBelgian Dubbel6.3Youth CentreY
Tom's Tap and BrewhouseChocolate Orange PorterChocolate Orange Porter5.5Youth CentreY
Tom's Tap and BrewhouseDDH Tropical PaleDDH Pale5.0Youth CentreY
Tom's Tap and BrewhouseHonigweizenHoney Wheat Beer5.5KegN
Tom's Tap and BrewhouseMango Ice Cream PaleMango Ice Cream Pale4.4KegY
TorrsideBugbearAmerical Brown4.5KegY
TorrsideOut Of StockRuby Mild3.0Youth CentreY
TorrsideShrub-A-Dub-DubOrange and Szechuan Pepper Pale4.4Youth CentreY
Torrside x Thirst ClassSmoke Me A BIPABlack IPA6.0Youth CentreY
TrackFrom AboveHazy Pale Ale4.1KegY
TrackSonomaSession pale3.8Youth CentreY
Wander BeyondDragon DanceImperial guava Milkshake IPA12.0KegN
Wander BeyondSaunterBest Bitter4.1Youth CentreY
Wander BeyondWolfsbaneStout4.8Youth CentreY

Gluten Free Beers

At Chorlton Beer & Cider Festival, we recognise that unfortunately some people are unable to enjoy our great range of beers due to suffering from gluten intolerance.

Thankfully, an increasing number of brewers are now processing beers to remove gluten so we are pleased to be able to offer a small range of Gluten Free beers. All our range of Ciders & Perries are also Gluten Free

For more information on Coeliac’s disease and living with gluten intolerance, visit

Bar name
BrightsideApex IPAIPA5.0Church Hall
BrightsideDisco ShiftGolden Ale3.8Church Hall
BrightsideFreyja PaleDry hopped pale3.8Keg
BrightsideKeller LagerHelles Lager4.0Keg
BrightsideMaverick IPAIPA4.8Church Hall
BrightsideOdinPale blonde ale3.8Church Hall
BrightsideThe MancunianBlonde ale4.5Church Hall
First ChopIPAEast Coast IPA5.0Church Hall
First ChopPowHazy Session IPA4.2Church Hall
SquawkMallardHoppy Pale4.5Youth Centre
TrackFrom AboveHazy Pale Ale4.1Keg

Wheat Free Beers

The beers shown below contain gluten from barley and/or oats but are wheat free. This list will be added to when more breweries have confirmed allergen information.

Bar name
Assembly Brew CoFog On The RhineKölsch style lager4.5Keg
Beer Ink x VarvarKavunPickled Watermelon Sour,4.5Keg
Distant HillsBukharaIPA5.8Church Hall
Distant HillsHoodwinkedGolden Ale4.0Church Hall
Dunham MasseyDuerr’s Blossom Honey BeerHoney Beer4.3Church Hall
Dunham MasseyDunham PorterEnglish Porter5.2Church Hall
Dunham MasseySummer MeadowGolden Ale4.3Church Hall
Manchester UnionManchester Union LagerCzech style laer4.8Keg
PhoenixSpotland GoldGolden Ale4.1Youth Centre
PhoenixWest Coast IPAWest Coast IPA4.6Youth Centre
Problem ChildBilly No MatesSummer Ale4.1Youth Centre
Problem ChildIsolationBest Bitter4.7Youth Centre
RedWillowDamson Foeder SaisonFruit Saison5.8Keg
RedWillowDouble Heritage PorterPorter8.8Youth Centre
RedWillowGolden MildGolden Mild3.8Youth Centre
SteelfishBig Hands of JaiWest Coast IPA6.3Keg
SteelfishSmall AchievementsPale Ale4.1Youth Centre
Thirst ClassFarmhouse In Your SoulSaison5.1Youth Centre
Thirst ClassI’m Not Looking For A New EnglandWest Coast IPA5.3Youth Centre
Thirst ClassMildly AmusingDark Mild3.8Youth Centre
Thirst ClassPale Ale SabroPale Ale5.5Keg
Thirst Class x TorrsideDwayne DubbelyBelgian Dubbel6.3Youth Centre
Tom's Tap and BrewhouseChocolate Orange PorterChocolate Orange Porter5.5Youth Centre
Wander BeyondDragon DanceImperial guava Milkshake IPA12.0Keg
Wander BeyondSaunterBest Bitter4.1Youth Centre
Wander BeyondWolfsbaneStout4.8Youth Centre