Real Cider and Perry is #NotFromConcentrate

Many of the ciders you see in pubs aren’t made from fresh apples, instead being made from apple concentrate or “chaptalised” juices (a process where the alcohol level in a cider or perry is increased by the addition of sugar to an unnatural level for storage, before it is diluted with water to the desired alcohol content for sale). For more information on real Cider and Perry, click here.

All of the ciders and perries at Chorlton Festival have been pressed from fresh apples or pears and #NotFromConcentrate.

There will be over 50 varieties available sourced from some of the finest producers around, including our own local producer Dunham Press. The majority will be still ciders served from Bag In Box (BiB). For the first time, the cider and perry bar includes a number of keg conditioned ciders – we will have up to four keg conditioned ciders available at a time.

The ciders and perries ordered for the festival are listed below. Final list available at festival is subject to change but we will endeavour to keep this page updated.

Massive thanks to Nicky from Cat In The Glass who has curated our Cider and Perry list. Nicky is a certified Pommelier so you can be assured that she’s only selected the very best cider and perry producers.

CiderBiBAscensionSussexChamping On The Pit4Medium sweetWild cider, fresh apple and peach juices combine to create a soft, juicy cider, perfect for late summer heat, A proper summer smasher
CiderBiBAscensionSussexDance Commander4Medium sweetCherry sour cider
CiderBiBAscensionSussexPilot4.6SweetSuper tasty session cider! Wild fermented cider blends with freshly pressed apple juice to create a refreshing and fruity blend
CiderBiBAscensionSussexShimmy4Medium sweetLovingly referred to as the "Tangbomb" this lip moreish number is awash with tropical pineapple flavours, balanced with a light touch of citric acid from the lemon
CiderBiBAscensionSussexStar Rover6.4Medium dryBraeburn/Bramley cider blend
CiderBiBAscensionSussexUnless You Think4Medium sweetThis blend features Russet and Bramley cider, fresh Gala apples, lemons, limes and red grapes
CiderBiBAscensionSussexWrath4Medium sweetWild cider, fresh apple and red grape juice comes together to produce this sumptuous cider. The tartness from the cider, sweetness of the apple and dry tannins of the grapes create layer upon layer of flavour
CiderBiBBarley WoodSomersetDry6.8DryA classic Somerset cider made from apples harvested late in the season including Yarlington Mill, Harry Master’s Jersey and Chisel Jersey. Rich orchard fruits with a long dry finish.
CiderBiBBarley WoodSomersetHarvest Gold4.3SweetRipe bitter sweet cider apples were pressed and cold racked to retain lots of natural sugars balanced by the fruity tangy acidity of Foxwhelp. Baked apple, tropical fruit and some soft tannins to bring it all together.
Awarded Silver at the British Cider Championships at the Bath & West
CiderBiBBarley WoodSomersetMayday6.3MediumA beautiful, easy drinking medium cider made using a blend of traditional Somerset bitter sweet apples, cold racked to retain a natural residual sweetness. Juicy fruitiness and very quaffable.
CiderBiBBartestreeHerefordshireChorlton Special Blend6.1DryA blend of Cap of Liberty and Breakwell's Seedling
CiderBiBBartestreeHerefordshireTremletts & Friends5SweetA (naturally) sweet blend of Tremletts Bitter, Browns Apple, Court of Wick and Royal Somerset
CiderBiBBignose & BeardySussexEarly Doors6.4MediumMainly Discovery apples with some Yarlington Mill. Expect a zingy, fresh cider with a little tannin and long finish
PerryBiBBlue BarrelCambridgeshireColwick Perry6.5Medium sweetAward winning, fruity tannic perry with a lasting gentle astringency
CiderBiBBlue BarrelCambridgeshireCuckoo Return5.5Medium
CiderBiBBlue BarrelCambridgeshireSherwood Blend6.5MediumA tangy, full bodied traditional cider with a delicious bittersweet aftertaste
CiderBiBBlue BarrelCambridgeshireSmokin Barrels6.5Medium dryMatured in malt whiskey casks to create a charismatic cider with a complex caramel oak finish
CiderBiBBlue BarrelCambridgeshireTrees Are Good7.2DryApple skin and rose water aromatics with a juicy balance of blackcurrant, lemon drop and honey and a soft tannic finish
CiderBiBBollhayesDevonHalf A Sec6.5
CiderKegDunham PressGreater ManchesterDabbler6.5Medium dryA single variety, rich tannic sparkling cider made from Dabinett apples grown in Dunham, with a deep caramel aroma
CiderBiBDunham PressGreater ManchesterDabbler6.5Medium dryA single variety, rich tannic sparkling cider made from Dabinett apples grown in Dunham, with a deep caramel aroma
CiderKegDunham PressGreater ManchesterDunham Disco4.8Medium
CiderBiBDunham PressGreater ManchesterMichelin SV7Medium
CiderBiBDunham PressGreater ManchesterOld Orchard Blend6.8
CiderKegDunham PressGreater ManchesterRed Eye6.2Medium sweetEnglish style cider. Sweet, smooth tasting, with mild fruit taste.
PerryBiBGregg's PitHerefordshireAylton Red, Blakeney Red & Gregg's Pit 2022Dry
PerryBiBGregg's PitHerefordshireBlakeney Red, Brandy & Winnal's Longdon 10LDry
PerryBiBGregg's PitHerefordshireBlakeney Red, Butt & OldfieldMedium
PerryBiBGregg's PitHerefordshireThornDry
CiderBiBHigh PeakDerbyshireThere Is No Planet B4.7Medium dryA wild fermented cider, blended to an easy drinking medium dry using only apples grown in the High Peak and the surrounding areas. A nicely rounded, soft session cider
CiderBiBNewton CourtHerefordshireFarmhouse Scrumpy7.4DryA traditional strong dry farmhouse cider, stored in oak barrels on the farm over winter. The old-fashioned saying is you never tap the barrel until you've heard the cuckoo. Strong, complex flavour
CiderBiBNewton CourtHerefordshireGasping Goose5.8MediumMade from a blend of cider varieties including Yarlington Mill, Dabinett and Harry Masters, Gasping Goose is a well-balanced, golden, medium-bodied cider. The “Goose” is crafted from organic apples grown to Soil Association standards in Newton Court Farm’s orchards, resulting in an easy-to-drink cider, perfect for any season.
PerryBiBNewton CourtHerefordshirePanting Partridge5.3MediumAn organic perry, 5.3% Panting Partridge is light in colour, complex in flavour and refreshing to drink. It features a blend of the evocative sounding Longdon, Hendre
Huffcap and Butt perry pears. Panting Partridge is a medium organic perry with a juicy pear taste and delicate wine finish.
CiderBiBNightingaleKentDiscovery Blush6Medium
PerryKegNightingaleKentKentish Perry 2020 Vintage7.4
CiderKegNightingaleKentNight Bird4.9MediumA sophisticated yet easy drinking, fragrant and refreshing cider. Made from dessert and culinary varieties grown on the Nightingale farm and surrounding orchards
CiderKegNightingaleKentWild Disco5.5Medium dryMade from 100% wild fermented Kentish Discovery apple juice with floral, red apple and rose aromas. Fresh and zingy on the palate with a clean finish
CiderBiBOliver'sHerefordshireBasking In The Warm Glow6.8Medium dryBarrel aged cider & moscavado sugar. Spicy, sweet vanilla oak and ripe tannic cider
PerryBiBOliver'sHerefordshireClassic Perry6Medium sweet
CiderBiBOliver'sHerefordshireShezam6Medium dryHerefordshire orchard blended richy, fruity apple cider
CiderBiBOliver'sHerefordshireStoke Red6.3Medium sweetHerefordshire single varietal medium sweet. Tangy & tasty.
CiderBiBPerrysSomersetBarn Owl5Medium
CiderBiBPiltonSomersetLabyrinth5.9MediumFull flavoured farmhouse cider.
CiderKegPiltonSomersetPomme Pomme 20224.8Medium sweetThis fruity cider brings together bittersweet cider apples with quince. The unique tart astringency of the quince is balanced here by the natural fruity sweetness of Pilton's classic keeved cider
CiderBiBRoss on WyeHerefordshire2022 Smooth Jazz Blend5.8DryA complex, layered cider blend of Bisquet, Ashton Bitter, Reinette D'Obry and Sweet Coppin.Each different apple brings a unique flavour to this gentle and light cider that's very easy to drink in the summer
CiderBiBRoss on WyeHerefordshireOak Cask Dabinett & HMJ Blend7DryA blend of 2021 oak cak Dabinett with 2022 HMJ, resulting in a masterful tannic lead blend of apple flavours and oak cask influence
PerryKegRoss on WyeHerefordshireThorn, Flakey And Friends5.6DryAn astounding fruity blend of perry pears. Thorn provides juicy citrus acidity and beautiful floral aromas, whilst Flakey Bark adds structure and definition to the finish. Blakeney Red and Aylton Red add some fullness and balance and a really jammy texture to the mid palate.
PerryKegRoss on WyeHerefordshireWinnal's Longdon perry6.5DryA very pretty variety of pear that is quite soft to press, the drink is delicious. Gently tart and sharp, with great citrus aromatics, light in body and very quaffable
CiderBiBSeb's CiderHerefordshireBrown's Apple - Oak Cask6.2Dry
CiderBiBSeb's CiderHerefordshireCarnival Blend7Medium dry
CiderBiBSeb's CiderHerefordshireFestival Blend6Medium
CiderBiBTemperance StreetManchester2021 S/V Dabinet6.3DryDry, nutty, slightly tart and tannic
PerryKegTemperance StreetManchesterQuince Japonica Perry 20205.4Medium drySlight sweetness with citric nose and sharpness
CiderBiBTurner'sKentApple Pie4Medium sweetFlavoured with spices and sweetened with fresh apple juice
CiderBiBTurner'sKentElderflower5.5Medium sweetElegant, fresh and floral. Unfiltered
CiderBiBTurner'sKentRhubarb5Medium sweetBlended with freshly juiced Kentish rhubarb, this is our most moreish cider yet! Sweet and tart. unfiltered.