At Chorlton Beer & Cider Festival, we recognise that unfortunately some people are unable to enjoy our great range of beers due to suffering from gluten intolerance.

We have therefore sourced a couple of Gluten Free beers so that all our visitors can enjoy a beer or two.

Technology has moved on greatly in recent years allowing GF beers to be brewed to the same great taste as regular beers with the gluten de-natured in the process to leave the finished product with less than 20 parts per million gluten and recognised as gluten-free.
For more information on this process – see the breweries websites.

For more information on Coeliac’s disease and living with gluten intolerance, visit

Blackjack Beers Manchester Brewers Bar
First Chop – The Chop (3.9%)
Easy drinking pale amber ale single hopped with mosaic.

Glassworks Drinks Out Of Town Bar
Stringers – Plan B (3.7%)
Pale, light and zesty. With a touch of honey.

Cider Bar
As well as the beers above, all our range of traditional ciders & perries are also gluten-free.