Chorlton Beer & Cider Festival has always strived to bring you the very best selection of traditional ciders & perries possible and has become one of the leading cider and perry events in the north, with one of the largest ranges of any festival.

There will be over 50 varieties available sourced from some of the finest producers around.

Traditional cider is made from apples  – no syrups, concentrate, artificial gas or other additives. Perry is the same, only made from pears (there is no such thing as pear cider so don’t ask us fo it)

The following is the list of ciders and perries order for the festival. Final list available at festival subject to change.

Producer (Location) Name ABV  Style
Ashover (Derby) Poet’s pippin 6% Dry
Biddenden (Kent) Strong Medium 8% Medium
Broadoak (Somerset) Bristol Port 6% Medium
Broadoak (Somerset) Moonshine 7.5% Dry
Burrow Hill (Somerset) Dry 6% Dry
Celtic Marches (Worcester) Lily the Pink 4.6% Medium
Celtic Marches (Worcester) Thundering Molly 5.2% Medium
Countryman (Devon) Gold Label 7.0% Sweet
Double vision (Kent) Cherry, raspberry and Strawberry 5.3% Sweet
Dunham Press (Cheshire) Dry 6.4% Dry
Dunham Press (Cheshire) Katy 6.2% Sweet
Dunham Press (Cheshire) Medium 6% Medium
Green Valley (Devon) Speyside Cask 8.3% Dry
Green Valley (Devon) Vintage 8.2% Dry
Gwatkins (Hereford) Stoke red 7.5% Sweet
Gwatkins (Hereford) Yarlington Mill 7.5% Medium
Gwynt Y Ddraig (Wales) Black Dragon 7.3% Dry
Hecks (Somerset) Kingston Black 6.5% Dry
Hurst View (Stafford) Dry Cider 6% Dry
Hurst View (Stafford) Jibber Jabber 7.5% Medium
Moss Cider (Manchester) 0 0% Dry
Olivers (Hereford) cider 6% Medium
Once upon a tree (Herefordshire) Tumpy Ground 7% Medium
Orgasmic (Hereford) Cider 6% 0
Red Bank (Bolton) Admiral’s rum 5.5% Sweet
Red Bank (Bolton) Autumn Orchard 7% Medium
Red Bank (Bolton) Blueberry 5.5% Sweet
Red Bank (Bolton) Raspberry 5.5% Sweet
Rosie’s (Wales) Black Bart 7.2% Sweet
Rosie’s (Wales) wicked wasp 7.2% Medium
Sheppy’s (Somerset) Blackberry and elderflower 4% Sweet
Sheppy’s (Somerset) Dry 6% Dry
Sheppy’s (Somerset) Medium 6% Medium
Sheppy’s (Somerset) Sweet 6% Sweet
Snailsbank (Hereford) Ginger 4% Medium
Snailsbank (Hereford) Pigsqueal 7% Medium
Snailsbank (Hereford) Rhubarb 4% Sweet
Westcroft (Somerset) Janet’s jungle juice 6% Dry
Westons (Hereford) Rosie’s pig 4.8% Sweet
Winkleigh (Devon) Sam’s cider 6% Medium
Broadoak (Somerset) Perry 7.5% Medium
Double vision (Kent) Impeared vision perry 7.4% Sweet
Gwatkins (Hereford) Farmhouse perry 7% Sweet
Gwynt Y Ddraig (Wales) Pyder 6% Medium
Gwynt Y Ddraig (Wales) Two trees perry 4.5% Medium
Hogans (Warwickshire) Poachers perry 5.8% Medium
Hurst View (Stafford) Puckered Pear 6% Medium
Newtons (Herefordshire) Perry 6% Sweet
Olivers (Hereford) perry 6% Medium
Red Bank (Bolton) Crackin’ Pear 7% Sweet
Stockmoor (Herefordshire) Farm Perry 5% Medium
Westons (Hereford) Country perry 5% Sweet