Beer is great, cider and perry are great, and festivals should be a fun place for everyone to enjoy them.

St Clement’s Church and Trafford & Hulme CAMRA welcomes all visitors to our festival and seeks to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment in which to enjoy beer and cider, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disabilities or socio-economic status.

In attending this festival, visitors, volunteers and external company representatives working at the festival are agreeing to treat each other fairly and with respect.

Comments or behaviour which discriminate against, harass, or demean others will not be tolerated.

Breweries, cider producers and other vendors represented at the festival must also agree not use discriminatory marketing to promote their products. Any such material will not be permitted and may be removed from the event.

Anyone who experiences or witnesses comments or behaviour contrary to this Code of Conduct should report it by either:

  • Reporting the incident at the designated ‘Feedback and Complaints’ point at the CAMRA information tent at the festival
  • Reporting it via our Contact form on this website
  • Using the ‘Feedback and Complaints’ form on the CAMRA website at

The quicker an incident is reported on site, the greater chance there is to identify those involved and resolve the situation.

Those found to be in breach of this Code may face an official warning about behaviour or removal from the festival.

Members of CAMRA found to be in breach of this Code may also be subject to CAMRA’s disciplinary procedures, which can result in expulsion and barring from the Campaign.

Finally, we want to make our festivals as fun, welcoming, accessible and inclusive as possible. If you want to suggest improvements, or let us know what we are doing well, please use the Contact form on this website or ‘Feedback and Complaints’ form on the CAMRA website at