Groove EmporersSaturday night’s live music at Chorlton Beer & Cider Festival will be provided by The Groove Emperors.

The Groove Emperors are a recently formed band, consisting of a tight knit bunch of friends, all time served players who have been working together for nearly 10 years.They were about to embark on a new venture as an instrumental group, when drummer Scott Broadhurst started to  think about finding a singer.

As if by magic, singer-songwriter Sarah Grundy appeared, just waiting be lured away from the comfort of an acoustic folk duo with the promise of plenty of soulful grooves to ride. Scott promised Sarah a great group of musicians to work with, and together Rob McWhirter (guitar), James Winterburn (bass) and Marcus Schofield (keys) proved him right.

With an eclectic set of funk, soul and jazz influenced covers, from Gil Scott Heron and Joni Mitchell to Alabama Shakes, the band’s well seasoned talents are perfectly matched with Sarah’s mellifluous voice.